What To Tell Your Grandma About Your Ripped Jeans

We all probably saw the look on our grandma’s face when we would show up at her house in ripped jeans. Even though everyone is now wearing this big trend, the older generation still cannot believe that ripped jeans are “a thing”. I’ve heard that remark before and it always makes me laugh because it admittedly is kind of a funny trend to wear the jeans that look like you’ve been through the wars in them. Personally, I love ripped jeans, the distressed details can add so much character and make a simple outfit a little bit more interesting.

We know how to wear our ripped jeans on the weekend and in a casual way, however, it may seem like no easy task to make the relaxed and distressed jeans suitable for a family gathering or a glamorous night out. The secret is to strategically pair your ripped denim with sophisticated separates and chic accessories.

Here are some outfit ideas to get you inspired:

Now you can see you can create a polished ensemble that would be fit for lunch with the parents or cocktails time with your boyfriend. Who knew this wardrobe staple could go an extra mile for you, definitely something to think about.

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