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Before we dig into the actual blog I would like to tell you a little story on how the actual idea came about.

The first time I thought of doing One Brand One Outfit was a while back, almost a year ago. When I moved to Sydney from overseas, I remember I struggled so much to know where to shop, which stores would have what styles, for what age group or what occasion, and what is the average price range in these shops. I had all these questions in my head that I didn’t know the answers to. That would usually have turned the shopping experience into a nightmare and a complete loss of interest in buying anything.

I would walk around the shopping centre, so frustrated because in some shops that I would go into I couldn’t afford anything and in others I just couldn’t find anything I would want to wear. It was all because I just didn’t know the Australian shops and brands.

Since that time, I set myself a goal to learn as much as I could about the shops, so I can easily go into and out of a shopping centre and be happy with my purchases. Then I thought, considering Australia is a country of immigrants, maybe I’m not alone and maybe there are people like me that are struggling. You can also be an Australian who is just so busy with life that you haven’t had time to do any research on shops.

I made it my mission to commit to this One Brand One Outfit idea with the goal in my mind to help others like me who would hate shopping just because they don’t know the shops. In this series, you will get my real honest opinion, not the brainwashing you get from ads and marketing. This will help you get a better understanding of the brand and the information on everything you need to know about them, such as pricing, style or the fabrics they use.

I’ve started sharing the outfits on my Instagram with a quick rundown on prices and fabrics, but there is only so much you can fit in an Instagram caption, so a proper blog post was always in the back of my mind.

Search the hashtag #OneBrandOneOutfit on Instagram to see my previous posts or click here.

Ok, enough of the introduction, let’s get to it. Be prepared for the ultimate guide to the Sportsgirl world!

A bit about Sportsgirl itself.  It is an Australian brand that has been around for 70 years. They sell women’s fashion, beauty and accessories. They are very trend focused and every time I would pop into their store they would have the latest trends. In my personal opinion, they cater for the younger girls, but you can definitely find something for you too, you just need to look a bit closer.

I found my experience with Sportsgirl quite good. I don’t shop with them very often, but I was surprised to find out that a lot of their garments are made from natural fabrics and the selling prices are very reasonable. However, always double-check the fabric label. They do have a good variety of colours and prints and currently I would say many of their collections are inspired by 70s or bohemian styles. That could be one of the reasons why I rarely shop there, because I hardly ever wear a print or a colour 😊

In this outfit I’ve decided to mix street and luxe by wearing the hoodie with a tailored jacket and heels with drop crotch pants. I tried it on in the store and somehow it magically worked.

This is a good time to remind you guys:
There are no rules in fashion, only guidelines. At the end of the day it’s just clothes that you take off at night, so do whatever the heck you want with it as long as it makes you happy!

This full outfit cost me – $264.80

Pants – $79.95 but were on a promo for $59.95 (98% cotton, 2% elastane)

The pants are my favourite in this outfit to be honest, I was looking to buy the drop crotch pants for so long and every time I tried them, they were so wrong. I think Sportsgirl has completely nailed the silhouette for these ones. They fall very nicely on the body and are quite tailored, so I even managed to wear them to work!

Coat – $129.95 (56% polyester, 42% cotton, 2% elastane)

I don’t mind the coat, I quite like the ease of it, however wasn’t a big fan of drop shoulder details. It is a personal preference, I have quite broad shoulders from my swimming background, so this shape does not always work for me.

Hoodie – $49.95 (89% cotton, 11% polyester)

The hoodie is actually really cool, I looove the 89% cotton part, it feels so nice on the body. Keep in mind it is a bit cropped, it doesn’t show off your belly when you walk, only if you raise your arms. I know they had a longer version of this in the store. If you really like the cropped style, but don’t want to show off your belly, choose the high rise pants and you’ll be fine.

Bag – $24.95 (100% polyurethane)

Cute simple black pouch and very reasonably priced for what you get.

Shoes are my own from Zara.

I’ve linked all the outfits details below, and also few other favourite picks for you below.

You can check them out here:

Thank you so much for visiting and reading guys! I really appreciate your support!

Have you shopped with Sportsgirl before? Let me know what you think about them in the comments below.

*article disclaimer: all opinions in this blog post are my own. 

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